Country Specific Initiatives

Most of the links provided on this page are based on the comprehensive work of the
Business Anti-Corruption Portal. The following links cover an abbreviated list of private initiative examples. However the Portal Website provides a broad overview on both private and governmental activities against corruption in sub-Saharan Africa, and is indexed per country.

Kenya:  Centre for Corporate Governance
Conducts tailor-made courses for private sector anti-corruption activities. It promotes the adoption of best practices in corporate governance, provides courses and training manuals.

Malawi:  Business Action Against Corruption
BAAC is a governance programme involving both public and private sectors in Malawi, Botswana, Cameroon, Nigeria and Zambia. In Malawi, the activities, coordinated by the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC), have e.g. led to a Business Code of Conduct for Combating Corruption. - BAAC.pdf

Mozambique:  ACIS
Associação Comercial e Industrial de Sofala is an association promoting investment and development in the province of Sofala, which produced a toolkit for companies to avoid corruption.

Nigeria: Convention on Business Integrity
CBI consists of Nigerian and foreign companies operating in Nigeria, who have signed a Code of Business Integrity. Members go through an accreditation process and adhere to values of corporate integrity and transparency. A toolkit and a case story have been developed.

South Africa: Ethics Institute of South Africa
Ethics SA advocates for improved ethical practices, in relation to conflicts of interest and anti-competitive practices, in business behaviour and in public agencies. It offers various educational programmes and  provides developmental and implementation services for ethics codes.

South Africa: Institute for Democracy in South Africa
IDASA is  a public interest organisation that promotes the strengthening of public and private institutions, good governance and social justice. It has published a number of research studies and articles on corruption, e.g. 'Procurement Corruption (New Agenda 2008)'.

Uganda: Anti-Corruption Coalition
ACCU is an umbrella group of more than 70 civil society organisations which fight corruption in Uganda. One of its unique publications is a “Name and Shame” book.